About Our Facility

There has been increasing demand in both domestic and foreign markets for dried products. Especially the domestic market and neighbouring countries are increasingly demanding high quality dried banana fruits which has well been capitalised by Thailand farming community with their Government aid which could be considered as bench mark in promoting drying concepts in India.

TBPG’S Madhur Fruits wish to emerge and be the forerunner in implementing state of art drying concepts to transform Thottiyum Banana growers to link it with value chains. However, the horticultural industry is constrained by lack of awareness on drying technology, resources and skills to correctly install and operate the drying equipment.

Banana dried products based value chains have been able to get the shares in the national and international markets The traditional drying systems have not been able to supply the products with better quality. Especially the techniques being used are un-hygienic, un-safe, and non-productive; they produce low quality and have very low efficiency. The dependency on weather especially creates problems. Open drying process incurs more wastage, re-wetting and loss of quality and quantity. The drying technology proposed will improve the drying efficiency; improve product quality, consistency and better price parity. The exporters and importers including both national and international are considering to offer reasonable prices for dried banana.

Solar Dried Bananas

Fully matured Farm fresh bananas were selected from the orchids grown on the confluence of river Cauvery in Thottiam Taluk, Trichirappalli district of Tamilnadu. Quality fruits of traditional banana varieties like, POOVAN, KARPOORAVALLI, and ELAKKI were picked to get ripened in a scientific method using climate controlled ripening chambers. Ripened fruits were prepared to get dehydrated in the state of the art “GREEN HOUSE SOLAR DRIER” hygienically. Honey, a natural preservative is sourced from KOLLI Hills, tested for its quality and taste is given an impregnation on bananas for sweetness and softness to roll out a Nutritive honey laced solar dried Banana, an instant energy booster and delicious fruit fig to relish for people of all age group.  The shelf life of the product is six months.